Friday, March 29, 2013

Why a Background Check Is So Important via Multifamily Blogs

As a new landlord, you may not realize the importance of getting a background check on a prospective tenant. A rental property is an investment that can pay your mortgage if you rent it to a desirable and responsible person. Using tenant screening services is a reliable way to find someone who respects your property and pays the rent on time. Even if you think that you are a good judge of character based on first impressions, you can benefit from the expertise of professionals to help you make a good decision.

What a Tenant May Conceal
Your primary concerns as a landlord are to find a tenant who agrees to preserve your property and to pay you for the use of it. Your obligations as a responsible landlord are to present the property in good repair when you let it out for lease or rent, to make sure to repair anything that breaks down and to allow your tenants the quiet enjoyment of a rented home. In return, you expect a prospective tenant to provide factual information about personal history items such as these:

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