Friday, March 8, 2013

Liquid Assets via Multi-Housing News Online

With the nation in the grips of a long-term drought and the prospect of water shortages growing more serious and widespread, water sub-metering has become an increasingly talked-about issue in the multifamily sector.Sub-meters bring consumption decisions home for residents and make water consumption personal, says Thomas R. Davis, senior vice president with Boston’s Recap Real Estate Advisors, a consulting firm focusing on affordable housing issues. Some sub-meter arrangements are merely informative, while others quantify usage in dollars and bill residents for their consumption.“If you’re being charged for your usage, it becomes much more relevant to you than if you’re simply being given information,” Davis says.

Howard Behr, vice president with the Business Development and Sub-metering Services Group at Costa Mesa, Calif.-based NWP Services Corp., agrees water sub-metering is very effective at lowering consumption.

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