Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guest Post: How to Encourage Recycling at Multifamily Communities via MHN Blog

Incorporating economically and environmentally friendly practices into multifamily living is a great way to avoid unnecessary waste and improve the community. So when an apartment community actually provides a recycling option, why is it being ignored? Information and motivation are keys on the road to greener living. Here are a few great ways that management can encourage their residents to take advantage of these eco-friendly options.

1. Get the Word Out
Some renters may not even realize recycling is an option at their apartment community. Management can reach out with information on recycling, pick-up dates and the acceptable recyclables via email, mail or door to door. For an easy reminder of when to recycle, distribute refrigerator magnets with the regular and holiday pick-up times. Showing how the apartment community has been going green (for example, LED light bulbs, high-efficiency air filters, Energy Star products, etc.) shows that you are dedicated to this cause. You can motivate residents into action with eye-catching informative door hangers. For effective visuals, try using an interesting statistic from the Environmental Protection Agency like:

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