Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Fund To Unlock $150B in Efficiency Savings via GlobeSt.com

Manufacturers, schools, churches, and clinics throughout the US could cut up to $15 billion a year on their energy bills over the next decade, thanks to a pioneering new financial tool just recently launched by the locally based efficiency-services financer Metrus Energy and CalCEF, an organization focused on accelerating clean energy technologies. The new Efficiency Resource Fund will provide otherwise hard-to-get financing for businesses to make energy-efficiency improvements, with no upfront costs.

How it works is as follows: The Fund signs an Efficiency Services Agreement for up to 10 years with a building owner, and then hires contractors to design, install, measure, and maintain energy-saving improvements. As a result, the customer sees a reduction in its total utility bill, while making buildings more productive and comfortable. The fund recoups its investment by billing customers for their realized efficiency gains.

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