Thursday, March 28, 2013

Are Electronic Signatures Secure Enough for Property Management? via Property Management Insider

I have sort of a thing about perfecting my electronic signature so that it closely resembles my paper signature from a ballpoint pen. The stylus is a little cumbersome and the round point just doesn’t give me that feel of control with the pinpoint accuracy of a Mont Blanc. I’m a little more deliberate so the real Tim Blackwell is etched in, well, plastic.

You can do so much by signing electronically these days. In my case recently, I made two credit card purchases at a hobby show that required an electronic signature – one on an iPad and another on a smartphone. Both dealers used the little, plastic swipe adapter called Square that plugs into personal devices in a flash. Signing the small iPhone screen was a little difficult but I did a fairly good job of making my mark. And whether my script was on the money wasn’t an issue. Point is the signature was good enough to bind me to the transaction. I trusted both vendors and didn’t have second thoughts about my signature being compromised.

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