Monday, March 25, 2013

Net Zero Energy: Making Green Look Passé via National Real Estate Investor

Sustainability for commercial properties has come a long way since the start of the new millennium, when developers would chuckle and shake their heads at proposals to spend big bucks on green features. “Too expensive to the bottom line” was a common refrain.

It took a decade for the learning curve to jump. Today, just about every building designed has green features, whether mandated by a local community or a tenant. Going green is becoming almost passé–what really gets attention today is a building that not only saves energy, it gives energy back.

The term for such a property is Net Zero Energy Building, or ZEB. While these structures are designed to maximize every green idea, such as natural lighting and efficient HVAC systems, there is usually at least one energy generator, say, solar panels or fuel cells, which can create enough positive electricity to at least offset the normal annual use.

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