Monday, March 11, 2013

Fork in the Road via Multi-Housing News Online

It’s so tempting. During a redevelopment project, it’s easy to look at some debris—tattered avocado-green carpet from a 1970s-era lobby, the remnants of a hideously wallpapered wall hiding water-stained stucco—and determine that it has no use, aside from decorating the local landfill. But the landfill does not have to be the end of the line for much of the material that finds its way into garbage bins during the construction or redevelopment of a multifamily property. Trash can indeed be treasure.

It’s really quite simple. “You are actually creating an economic and environmental liability when you landfill or incinerate waste materials and you’re creating an environmental asset when you recover them,” says Marti Matsch, communications director for Eco-Cycle—a non-profit recycling and “zero-waste” organization. Consequences aside, there’s the fact that we just don’t have enough space for it all.

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