Monday, April 8, 2013

Small Steps Equal Big Savings via National Real Estate Investor

To date, SL Green has completed sustainability projects saving more than $3.2 million annually—and we are just getting started. First, it was all about occupancy sensors and LED exit signs. Then tenant lighting introduced a new, sleek and modern fixture that delivers 40 percent greater efficiency, leading the way for the next major steps. In 2009, SL Green launched a 27-property lighting retrofit, replacing antiquated lighting technology to save $500,000 annually.

The lucrative potential of energy efficiency became evident, leading to growing support from the field and our executive teams. The year 2010 marked the next steps in establishing our HVAC retrofit program, addressing “low-hanging fruit opportunities” to reduce a building’s energy usage by as much as 19 percent, while SL Green’s operations team introduced a state-of-the-art real time energy management system throughout the New York City portfolio.

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