Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Selling Sustainability via Multi-Housing News Online

Alliance Residential Company, a Phoenix-based real estate company, has 17 regional offices divided among six regions throughout the U.S. Over the past 12 years, Alliance has become one of the largest private apartment owners and the 15th largest management company in the nation, boasting a $6.0+ billion portfolio, 50,000 units in 24 metropolitan markets and a presence in 15 states. A fully integrated ownership, development and management company, Alliance offers a dual perspective of the industry. As owners, Alliance understands the importance of property performance and return on investment. As managers, the company recognizes the value of its associates and it knows that their individual successes comprise the backbone to the success of the overall organization. As a result, Alliance focuses its efforts on superior leadership at the local level, accentuated by comprehensive training and a national support system. This approach enables Alliance associates in the field to focus on their core responsibilities: leasing apartments and taking care of customers. MHN News Editor Jessica Fiur talks to Kelly Vickers, Alliance Residential Company’s national director of sustainability, about her new role and the company’s green programs.

What sorts of things does a national director of sustainability work on?

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