Thursday, April 11, 2013

Apartment Rating Sites: Friend or Foe? via

For years now, restaurants and other service providers have used Yelp as their local review site. They’ve learned how to not just take the good reviews with the bad reviews, but also figure out how to manage those bad reviews so that people will still trust them and try them out. With review sites like—many people can just be plain mean, using the site to (sometimes unfairly) rant about the vendor in retribution for what they saw as a huge problem during their experience. Sometimes they’re based on true stories. Sometimes they’re not. And now there’s the whole scandal of business owners paying members of the public to post negative reviews on competitors’ Yelp pages.

Property managers of apartment buildings and other multi-family properties have had to deal with similar problems on the review sites for their industry, like,, and yes, even In fact, these sites were once completely dismissed, filled as they were with only negative (and sometimes overwrought) reviews of communities. This was especially true for, a site that gained a reputation as being the terminus for particularly unpleasant reviews.

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