Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Scorecard Rates State Water Policies - Water Conservation via EcoHome Magazine

Although some states like Arizona and Georgia have been forced to implement water conservation policies to deal with drought conditions, the reality is that most of the United States is not taking proactive measures to promote water efficiency. This is a disturbing fact considering that a 2003 U.S. General Accounting Office survey estimated that 36 states may experience water shortages by 2013.

In an effort to move state conservation efforts forward, the Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) and the Environmental Law Institute have released a draft of the report entitled “The Water Efficiency and Conservation State Scorecard: An Assessment of Laws and Policies.” According to the organizations, the purpose of the research effort was to compile concise and useful information about state water laws and policies and, more important, bring attention to exemplary policies that may be used as models for other states to emulate.

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