Monday, June 25, 2012

Laws Allow Children in Off-Campus Student Housing via

Evanston, IL is a suburb north of Chicago and home to Northwestern University. And earlier this year, the city was the site of an unusual student housing scenario as Interfaith Housing Center settled a federal fair housing suit against Bernsen Management alleging that in one of its off-campus buildings, landlord Bernsen would rent only to Northwestern University students, turning away students and families with children.

According to Viki Rivkin, director of Fair Housing with the Winnetka, IL-based Interfaith Housing Center, a student had called saying that Bernsen Management had a policy in place to rent only to students rather than to students with families. "The Bernsens wouldn't rent to people claiming to be Northwestern students who had children," Rivkin tells "In a place like Evanston, with a large rental population, it becomes difficult for families to find places to rent that are large enough. If you work for the university and have a child and don't want to buy, where do you live?"

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