Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Austin 30-year growth blueprint approved via KXAN.com

A plan to shape the city's growth and development throughout the next 30 years has been set into motion after Austin City Council unanimously approved -- very early Friday morning -- the comprehensive blueprint for growth.

"It's inspirational in a couple of areas: multimodal transit; vertical mixed-use, transit-oriented development -- because I think that type of density is very democratic, and it provides paths to prosperity," said Austin architect Martin Barrera. "It develops healthy communities. Through walking communities, through biking communities, we can help to overturn decades of car-designed communities -- and with that, the obesity trend that is really crippling our state."

It is called Imagine Austin – a renewed, comprehensive approach to things like:

Sustainable water resources
Investment in the workforce, education and entrepreneurs
Environmental protection and nature
Creative economy
Affordable housing

Read more...Austin 30-year growth blueprint approved | KXAN.com

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