Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Benefits of Energy Saving Window Shades via PropertyManager.com

While it’s important for renters to practice energy conservation in their apartment homes, there are numerous things that property managers can do in order to conserve energy on a larger scale. Remember, window coverings, while decorative, also provide an important function, serving as a barrier to outside heat in the summer, while keeping heat inside during the winter. It’s currently estimated that about 40 percent of outside heat comes through windows, while 10 percent of heat is lost through windows during the winter, so while it’s important to keep those shades or curtains closed, it may be time to upgrade your property with more efficient window coverings.

One of the biggest energy savers are ‘smart shades’ that help conserve energy. And while just about any window covering is better than nothing, with current energy prices increasing, managers may want to start thinking about replacing those traditional blinds and window shades with more energy efficient ones.

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