Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4 Ways to Monetize Your Green Investments via Multifamily Executive Magazine

A dark cloud still looms over the heads of apartment owners when it comes to spending money on energy efficient retrofits and construction. The problem has largely been justifying, in hard data, when and how they will see a return on investment.

While figures on the actual savings may be difficult to come by, there are specific strategizes being implemented in the industry that are showing positive results. Here’s a look at four ways multifamily owners can cash in on green building investments:

Green Leasing

One of the ways a company can recoup money on energy-efficient investments is called “green leasing.” It’s a relatively new idea, but it’s basically a way that an owner and tenant can work together on the efficient use of energy. Essentially, a green lease outlines future rental increases, and justifies those increases by detailing the energy savings that a tenant can expect to see on their utilities.

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