Wednesday, January 11, 2012

RCA Charts Resolved and REO Distress - Commentary Article via GlobeSt

Global information service provider Real Capital Analytics tracks not only commercial property sales, but also corporate- and property-level economic distress that could affect property markets and property owners. This would contain all classes of owners and developers who find themselves overextended or otherwise unable to meet their obligations, as opposed to banks, mortgage REITs and other lender groups or debt owners who find themselves in possession of real estate they have taken control of via foreclosure or similar methods.

For Distressed Asset Investments, RCA provides a monthly listing of direct-investment properties financed with balance sheet and CMBS loans. The properties here fall into one of two categories: Resolved, which represents properties that have moved out of distress via refinancing or through a sale to a financially stable third party, and Lender REO, which signifies properties that first mortgage lenders have taken back through foreclosure. The transaction side of the RCA data set sees this as a foreclosure sale with the defaulted mortgagee as seller and the recovering lender as buyer to show the property changing hands. Click on the chart below to access the data.

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