Monday, January 23, 2012

Apartment Marketers are Listening to Resident Chatter via

Do your apartment communities have a targeted marketing theme for 2012? Once you create that message, you’ll want to push it across all your marketing channels and obtain widespread buy-in. “Marketing plans that don’t succeed are typically ones that don’t think ‘big picture’ by taking into account the other departments that will be required to implement the plan. For example, if your theme revolves around customer service (“we will not rest until we’ve done our best”), it will impact corporate policy and even human resources,” says multifamily marketing consultant Kate Good, who recently shared a number of tips during a webcast “Essential Elements of a Successful Marketing Plan” produced by Multifamily Insiders and sponsored by VaultWare.

“Don’t stack everything at the beginning of the year,” says Good. “Spread actions over the 12 months. Do a Gant chart so you can see where your holes are, and make sure you have staffing where you need it. Once you have an approved plan in place, stick to it—and delegate. Get all team members on board.”
Social media is a must

If your 2012 marketing plan doesn’t include social media, your business is going to get left behind, according to Good. “So many of our residents spend more time reading blogs, on social media sites, and using search engines than they do on their email,” explains Good.

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