Friday, February 16, 2018

Major apartment developer: 'There is an acute crisis headed our way' via CNBC

Scan the downtowns of the nation's largest cities, and you are likely to see a staggering array of cranes.

Most of them are helping to build luxury apartment buildings. In fact, multifamily construction is now at a 40-year high; the trouble is, developers are putting up the wrong kinds of buildings. The luxury market is largely overbuilt, while there is a shortage of affordable rental housing, and developers are hamstrung by the now record-high cost of construction.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dallas Metro Report: February 2018 via Zumper

The Zumper Dallas Metro Report analyzed active listings in January across 14 metro cities to show the most and least expensive cities and cities with the fastest growing rents. The Texas state median rent was $913 last month.

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Why you're meeting more Chicago, Los Angeles and New York transplants in Texas via Dallas News

More than a half-million new residents move to Texas annually, according to the latest estimates by the Texas Association of Realtors.

And Dallas-Fort Worth captured the biggest metro share of the newcomers.

Texas had the second highest total of moves in the country, second only to Florida in 2016, according to the latest census data analysis by the Texas Association of Realtors.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Thriving Texas Economy Expands Broadly via Dallas Fed

he Texas economy continues its broad expansion. Texas employment growth accelerated in the fourth quarter and was strong across most metros and industries. The Dallas Fed’s Texas Business Outlook Surveys (TBOS) showed notable strength in revenue and production in January, with the three-month moving averages of the headline indexes at levels well above their postrecession averages. However, labor markets continue to tighten, and price pressures are mounting.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Houston Economic Indicators 1/30/18 via Dallas Fed

Economic data were mostly positive for Houston in December. Employment grew, and business-cycle and leading indexes were indicative of healthy economic output and future growth. Construction and real estate metrics were mixed but pointed to a tighter housing market and increased construction ahead. Overall, the outlook for Houston remains positive.

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Where Are Multifamily Developers Going Next? via National Real Estate Investor

Multifamily developers are finding it more challenging to find new project sites in the current market.

“Because the cycle has run so long, finding individual development deals that make financial sense gets harder and harder, even with favorable overall market influences,” says Greg Willett, chief economist for RealPage Inc., a provider of property management software and services.

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Austin Economic Indicators 2/1/18 via Dallas Fed

Austin economic growth remained robust in December. The Austin Business-Cycle Index accelerated as job growth remained above trend and the unemployment rate held at a very low level. Most indicators suggest that the regional real estate market picked up toward the end of last year, although multifamily activity appeared to cool after surging in the second quarter.

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Kingsley: National Renter Satisfaction Steady Over Past 3 Years via Multifamily Executive Magazine

Over the past three years, national renter satisfaction has remained steady, with the rate fluctuating between 76.6% and 76.8%. However, for the first time since the end of 2014, renter satisfaction has surpassed that line, climbing to a high of 76.9% in Q4 2017. During the quarter, almost all of the top U.S. markets saw increases in renter satisfaction from 2016. The most significant increases over the past year occurred in Atlanta, Denver, and New York, with upticks of 1.6%, 1.8%, and 3.2%, respectively. Only one market, Dallas, experienced a significant decrease in renter satisfaction, with a 1.2% downturn compared with 2016.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

IRR Report: Cautious Optimism for Moderate, Steady Growth in 2018 via Commercial Property Executive

One month into the new year, Integra Realty Resources, the largest independent commercial real estate valuation services firm in North America, has issued its CRE forecast, Viewpoint 2018, with cautious optimism for moderate and steady growth as the main theme.

The firm’s 25th edition of the annual report provides a detailed look at the local and national commercial real estate market across five key property types—office, industrial, retail, hospitality and multifamily. It also examines economic trends and how they are affecting interest rates, capital markets and housing.

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