Thursday, June 26, 2014

DFW Economic Indicators June 2014 via Dallas Fed

The Dallas–Fort Worth economy continued to expand at a healthy clip in May. DFW employment grew 4.7 percent, faster than Texas and the U.S., which grew 4.5 percent and 1.9 percent during the month. Home prices continued on an upward trend, and home inventories remained low. The unemployment rate held steady in Dallas and edged up in Fort Worth. The Dallas Fed business-cycle indexes posted increases, suggesting continued expansion for the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.

Dallas–Fort Worth employment expanded at a rapid pace of 4.7 percent in May, adding 12,300 jobs. Through May, the DFW area has seen payrolls increase by 4.6 percent or 58,900 jobs. Most of the increase in the area’s employment has come from rapid growth in the Dallas economy, which has added jobs at a 5.5 percent pace (year to date)—faster than any other major metro in the state.

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