Thursday, December 13, 2012

The #1 Most Vital Property Tool is Made of Paper? via All Things Property Management

By Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList, Chicago, IL

If you are in the industry of caring for properties, leasing properties, or even selling properties, there is one tool you should never be caught without — the Emergency Calling List! It’s the one tool that does many things for anyone charged with caring for a property.

When you think about the word “emergency” it connotes visions of fires, floods, crime, etc. However, when you think of the words “crisis” or “disaster,” it sounds much more evil and sinister. The difference to me is that you can have an emergency, but if you are not prepared, it can quickly become a crisis or a disaster. There is a huge difference.

Being prepared, like Boy Scouts are always known to be good at, is an incredible skill. It takes thought, the ability to anticipate, and planning. On top of that, it does requiring testing from time to time and many “what if?” scenario considerations.

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