Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Rent Growth for M-F Properties Predicted in 2015 via Commercial Property Executive

Rent growth at multi-family properties across the United States in 2015 is expected to increase 4.5 percent for Class A and B+ assets and 5.1 percent for Class B and C assets with some technology-heavy Western markets seeing spikes as high as 9 percent.

The 2015 Rent Forecast & Outlook report for the U.S. multi-family sector prepared by Pierce-Eislen noted that next year’s estimated rent growth is lower than last year’s average of 5.9 percent. But the news is still good compared to previous years.

“Even with 2015’s forecasted rent growth decelerating from 2014’s pace, this still represents faster rent growth than in recent years: Rents grew by 3.7 percent in 2012 and 4.3 percent in 2013,” the report stated.

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