Friday, December 19, 2014

Houston Is 2015’s Wild Card Apartment Market – Part One via Property Management Insider

There is typically at least one spot across the country where forecasting the apartment market performance is very tricky. Depending on assumptions made about the factors that should have the greatest influences on overall results, outcomes can vary drastically in these locales. During the past few years, these wild card markets have included Atlanta, reflecting questions about economic growth potential, and Washington, DC, reflecting questions focused on the volume of pent-up demand available to meet surging apartment completions.

Houston’s outlook now ranks as the toughest call to make. How much will a disruption in the energy sector cut into the metro’s job creation pace, household formation volume, and apartment demand level? At the same time, what impact will 2015 completions nearly doubling the 2014 tally place downward pressure on performance results?

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