Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Multifamily Trends | 4 of the Latest Trends in Apartment Amenities via Multifamily Blogs

Remember when pools and covered parking were worth bragging about in apartment ads? Today’s renters are demanding, and receiving, a great deal more. Amenities vary quite a bit from city to city, but some of what’s trending now will very likely become standard in your neighborhood soon enough.

Here is a compilation of the top five apartment amenities that you didn’t know your renters needed.

Blazing fast connections

A business center is just not enough anymore. The new generation often works from home, so they need high-speed Wi-Fi everywhere and strong cellular signals for their smartphones. In larger cities, renters routinely ask free wireless and Cat-5 cabling in the apartments. Popular amenities that are becoming standard are docking stations for iPods. Landlines and entertainment centers just don’t matter when mobile devices deliver online movies, an app for everything and social networks… all of which require as much bandwidth as they can get.

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