Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DFW Economic Indicators October 2014 via Dallas Fed

The Dallas–Fort Worth economy grew at a slower rate in September than in the summer months. Year to date, DFW employment has grown 3.5 percent, nearly matching the state’s 3.6 percent pace. Job creation remains broad-based across sectors. Residential construction activity is healthy, with apartment construction outpacing homebuilding. Unemployment rates for Dallas and Fort Worth fell in September and remain below those of the U.S. Business-cycle indexes from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas point to continued expansion in the metroplex.

DFW employment grew at an annualized rate of 1.7 percent in September, adding 4,600 jobs. Job creation slowed considerably, rising 2.5 percent (19,800 jobs) in the third quarter, compared with 6.2 percent (47,400 jobs) in the second. Most of the increase has come from rapid economic growth in Dallas, which has added jobs at a 4 percent pace in the first nine months of the year and is the state’s second-fastestgrowing major metro.

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